Heartbeat Submission

Great work never goes unnoticed.  It is vital to our mission, and is the heart and soul of our hospital.  So look around. Notice those who do great things.  Whose actions exemplify our five pillars: quality, service, people, growth and finance.  Recognize, thank and celebrate them.  In big ways.  Small ways.  You'll find everything you need right here.

Nomination levels:

  • High Five
    • When a simple act has a big impact.  When someone gives great customer service to a patient, patient support (family and friends), or to a co-worker.  Provides a service to others that is beyond assigned responsibilities.
  • Bronze Star
    • When someone doesn't have to be asked to help a customer or co-worker.  When a person remains positive even under stressful situations.  When someone takes responsibility to fix a problem or provide great customer service.  Volunteering for and working on a special project or volunteering to cover fro working shortages/shifts.  Recognize their efforts with a Bronze Star.
  • Silver Star
    • When someone goes above a beyond their regular job duties.  When a person comes up with a creative idea that improves the workplace and makes things better, or develops new work methods or processes that reduces waste or stretches resources.  Makes creative suggestions that saves the department time/money.  Recognize them with a Silver Star.
  • Gold Star
    • When someone puts their heart and soul into all they do.  When they consistently go above and beyond and make a real difference for their coworkers or patients.  When they take exceeding expectations to the next level and performs exceptionally at their assigned responsibilities.  Recognize those exceptional people with a Gold Star.
  • Service Star
    • A Service Star is someone who exemplifies our hospital pillars and values and leads by example.  They are role models for coworkers and live customer service principles.  These people represent the best of Saratoga Hospital in all that they do.  Nominate these people for Service Star consideration.

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