Interventional Radiology

Interventional Radiology at Saratoga Hospital

Interventional radiology utilizes advanced imaging technology, such as ultrasound, X-rays, CAT scans, and MRI scans, to treat complex conditions with guided imaging. Utilizing digital fluoroscopy in the Whitney-Hendrickson Cardiovascular & Interventional Suite, interventional radiologists can see inside the body in real time and, with tiny, two-millimeter-wide catheters and probes, they can deliver treatments at targeted locations, increasing effectiveness while minimizing side effects and recovery time.

These and other innovative procedures allow physicians minimally invasive access to deliver precise treatments for cancer, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, uterine fibroids, and even delivery of nutrition. Interventional radiology also provides a comprehensive Varicose Vein program to remove or shrink unhealthy, painful veins. The program includes deep vein thrombosis (DVT) treatment and cosmetic sclerotherapy for spider/varicose veins, among other treatments as well. Your primary care physician can provide appropriate guidance as to whether interventional radiology may be an option for you.

Meet the Providers

Interventional radiology is provided by Millennium Medical Imaging. The interventional radiology team includes two outstanding board-certified and fellowship-trained physicians employing the most up-to-date equipment and advanced diagnostic techniques working within the full spectrum of interventional radiology and interventional oncology. 

The interventional radiology team is committed to providing personal, compassionate care, working closely with a patient’s primary care provider and other specialists. A prescription from a primary care physician is required for interventional radiology treatment.

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David ,MD
David Hindson, MD
Haiyang ,MD, PhD
Haiyang Tao, MD, PhD

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Cancer Treatments

Interventional radiology provides advanced cancer treatments that can precisely target cancerous tissues, minimizing side effects and surgery. Treatments include radioembolization, chemoembolization and tumor ablation therapies. For an in-depth look at this life-saving technology, visit our Winter 2018 issue of Access

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Working closely with a patient’s healthcare team, the interventional radiology program provides assistance to the flow of fluids in and out of the body, utilizing Percutaneous nephrostomy tubes, TIPS procedure/Denver shunts; and drainage system catheters in the kidney, abdomen or lung.

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 Reproductive Health

Uterine fibroid embolization for women and varicocele embolization for men are non-surgical solutions to address painful fibroids and varicose veins in reproductive organs. The program additionally offers pelvic congestion treatments for women.

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Venous Access/Feeding Tubes

Interventional radiologists work closely with a patient’s healthcare team for delivery of treatments and nutrition specific to the patient’s needs. This program provides hemodialysis catheter insertion, gastrostomy feeding tube insertion, and long term venous access catheter (port-a-caths) to assist in the patient’s overall care plan.

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Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

Interventional radiology can remove blood clots that form deep within the body without surgery. The program provides treatment for both acute and chronic DVT, including relief for those patients with chronic extremity swelling from DVT who believe they have no further options. The program also provides a filtering device placement and removal in the large vein in the abdomen, the inferior vena cava (IVC), for the prevention of blood clots.

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Vein/Vascular Program

The comprehensive vein program provides non-surgical solutions for conditions ranging from medical emergencies to the cosmetic. Among others solutions, the program provides a venous insufficiency study and treatment. Additionally, it includes several options for varicose veins, such as a minimally invasive treatment known as endovenous ablation therapy, a simple, outpatient procedure. The Varicose Vein Program also offers sclerotherapy, radiofrequency ablation, venous closure procedures, and microphlebectomy (small vein removal). Learn more in our Summer 2017 issue of Access

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Image Guided Biopsy

Using CT scans, fluoroscopy, or ultrasound needles to help diagnose or provide enhanced visibility, image-guided biopsies allow for the removal of suspicious or problematic lesions or masses without surgery. Visit our Imaging/Radiology page here for more information on these procedures.

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Whitney-Hendrickson Cardiovascular & Interventional Suite

Located on the ground floor of the Hospital, the Whitney-Hendrickson Cardiovascular & Interventional Suite is home to diagnostic and imaging technology that allows our providers to deliver treatments at targeted locations, increasing effectiveness while minimizing side effects and recovery time.

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Diagnostic Center

We offer a broad range of diagnostic and testing services, from state-of-the-art imaging to routine blood work and other laboratory procedures.

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Saratoga Hospital and many of its programs and services have received some of the highest available recognition for quality and care. Following a rigorous approval process with months of preparation, Saratoga Hospital has been designated a Diagnostic Imaging Center of Excellence™ (DICOE) by the American College of Radiology (ACR), the highest form of recognition an imaging department can receive nationally. The designation applies to the imaging facilities at both the hospital and Wilton Medical Arts locations, the first to earn this recognition in Upstate New York north of Orange County and east of Buffalo.

Saratoga Hospital’s medical imaging services are performed by highly skilled technologists, and results are read by board-certified physicians. Saratoga Hospital offers the following imaging procedures: breast MRI; cardiac scoring; coronary CT angiography; CT scanning; DEXA scanning for osteoporosis; digital fluoroscopy; mammography; MRI/MRA; nuclear medicine; PET/CT; ultrasound; and X-ray. These radiology services have long been accredited by the American College of Radiology, and this new designation assures the public these services exceed the highest standards of care.

Learn more about our many awards and achievements here.

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