Physical Medicine

Nonsurgical treatment for injuries and disabilities

Our physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists provide comprehensive, patient-centered treatment to help individuals with injuries or chronic conditions improve movement, function, and quality of life.

Physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians focus on nonsurgical approaches to treating nerve, muscle, and bone disorders that can cause pain and affect your ability to function. These specialists treat patients of all ages, from children with developmental disabilities and young athletes who’ve been injured to boomers with arthritis and seniors who are recovering from stroke. These physicians work closely with other healthcare professionals, including neurologists, orthopedists, primary care providers, and physical, occupational, recreational, and speech therapists.

Saratoga Hospital physical medicine and rehabilitation providers offer a variety of diagnostic and treatment services, including:

  • Comprehensive examination and evaluation of your musculoskeletal system to detect bone, muscle, and nerve damage. Depending on your condition, this evaluation may include diagnostic tests such as ultrasound imaging, and electromyography (EMG) and nerve conduction velocity (NCV) to check for nerve injuries.
  • Development of a customized treatment and rehabilitation plan with appropriate short- and long-term goals. Treatment might include:
    • Exercise therapy
    • Physical therapy
    • Minimally invasive injections to help reduce pain and restore function
    • Medication, with an emphasis on non-opioid options.
    • Referrals for support services

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