Nurse Residency Program

Saratoga Hospital is committed to fostering the professional practice of newly hired Registered Nurses and Graduate Nurses (GNs). Our year-long Residency Program provides the GN support and guidance during clinical orientation, residency class interactions, and on an as-needed basis for the first year of practice. The Saratoga Hospital Nurse Residency Program is designed to ensure that every GN is provided with structured opportunities to engage with multiple collaborative team experts to enhance their personal situational awareness and provide quality patient care. This year-long program will help lay the foundation to enhance confidence in the delivery of safe and rewarding bedside practice at Saratoga Hospital. 

Program Objectives
  • Create a healthy environment for the GN to safely transition, learn, and develop professional practice within the Relationship Based Care professional practice model at Saratoga Hospital.
  • Engage GN in practice-based learning that provides time for deliberate practice and reflects evidence-based practice.
  • Provide the GN with opportunities to develop confidence, knowledge, and skills in clinical problem solving related to patient-centered care, quality improvement, team communication, evidence-based practice, informatics, and safety. 
  • Afford GN opportunties to practice clinical reasoning through situational awareness
  • Promote identification of resources available to continue the GN's professional growth and job satisfaction
  • Familiarize GN to self-care concepts and techniques to alleviate stress experienced in the GN's role transition and enhance their resiliency. 

All graduate nurses and registered nurses, with less than one year's experience who are hired at Saratoga Hospital, are automatically placed in the Residency Program. 

For further information, please contact:
Joanne Miller
Senior Human Resources Generalist