Inpatient Medicine

We are here to help you get better—soon. 

Our inpatient physicians, also known as hospitalists, are a part of a team of providers who focus exclusively on treating hospitalized patients. That means our inpatients have access to a dedicated provider 24/7 throughout their hospital stay.

Inpatient physicians are skilled in diagnosing and treating the broad range of diseases and conditions that might cause you to be hospitalized. These providers oversee all aspects of your care - consulting with specialists, ordering tests and treatments, and monitoring your response. When you're ready for discharge, our inpatient physicians help make sure your primary care physician and other providers have the information they need so your care can continue uninterrupted.

For patients with chronic or high-risk conditions, we provide additional support and follow-up care through our Inpatient Transition Program. True to its name, the program helps inpatients transition back home - and stay there. 

Saratoga Hospital Medical Group – Inpatient Medicine

Inpatient care is provided by the 30+ members of Saratoga Hospital Medical Group - Inpatient Medicine. These physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants work hand in hand with specialty physicians and our exceptional nursing team. Together they provide the expertise, commitment, and compassionate, personalized care that are the hallmark of Saratoga Hospital.

“Although many hospital stays are planned, some patients start their day not knowing they’ll end up here. Whether your stay is planned or a suprise, our team of highly trained, compassionate hospitalists is here for them every step of the way, even when they are feeling at their most vulnerable. We're here 24/7 to help you get better and return home safe and sound.”  

  – J. Robert Hayes, Jr., MD


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Claudianus ,NP
Claudianus Bourne, NP
Jenny ,FNP
Jenny Brandt, FNP
Enrico ,MD
Enrico Bravo, MD
James ,MD
James Corwin, MD
Catherine ,MD
Catherine Dawson, MD
Riane ,PA-C
Riane Dodge, PA-C
Kevin ,MD
Kevin Dooley, MD
Stacey ,NP
Stacey Flenory, NP
J. Robert ,MD
J. Robert Hayes, Jr., MD
Humaira ,MD
Humaira Jami, MD
Yulia ,NP
Yulia Kirkpatrick, NP
John ,MD
John Koella, MD
Sergio ,MD
Sergio Lema, MD
Brandon ,PA-C
Brandon Lundgren, PA-C
Heather ,DO
Heather Madigan, DO
Mikhail ,MD
Mikhail Mavashev, MD
Jean ,ANP
Jean Mischler, ANP
Seana ,PA-C
Seana Mosher, PA-C
Scott ,MD
Scott Newton, MD
Stephen ,MD
Stephen Offord, MD
Stephen ,MD
Stephen Perazzelli, MD
Bert William ,MD
Bert William Pyle, III, MD
Hope ,NP
Hope Raggs, NP
Suzanne ,DO
Suzanne Rayeski, DO
Dean ,DO
Dean Reali, DO
Timothy ,MD
Timothy Reed, MD
Cathy ,FNP
Cathy Robertson, FNP
Devjit ,MD
Devjit Roy, MD
Alicia ,PA-C
Alicia Skinner, PA-C
Jacqueline ,DO
Jacqueline Smith, DO
Derek ,MD
Derek Smith, MD
Colleen ,FNP
Colleen Tillson, FNP
Maria ,DO
Maria Vivenzio, DO
Jessica ,PA-C
Jessica Wadeson, PA-C
Qiong ,MD, PhD
Qiong Wang, MD, PhD
Timothy ,DO
Timothy Waters, DO
Mark ,MD
Mark Weidner, MD
Nancy ,PA-C
Nancy Werner, PA-C
Jennifer ,DO
Jennifer White, DO

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Our highly skilled hospitalists will provide a comprehensive evaluation of our patients, ordering labs and imaging as necessary and utilizing state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to determine the cause of a patient’s distress and assign the appropriate diagnosis and treatment

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Inpatient Transition Program

Our Inpatient Transition Program helps adult patients with chronic or high-risk conditions successfully transition from hospital to home. The program provides a temporary  "medical home" for one to two visits until patients can be seen by their primary care providers. The inpatient transition team uses that time to assess patients, help them update and organize their medications, schedule appointments with specialists, and arrange for in-home support services. Because family members often are involved in patient care, they are encouraged to attend these follow-up visits. 

Saratoga Hospital Inpatient Transition Program 


The hospitalist provides care throughout the patient’s stay in the hospital, answering questions and following through on the treatment, making adjustments as needed for each unique condition.

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Keeping Family Informed

Temporary visitation restrictions, while necessary, can add to family members' concerns when a loved one is hospitalized. To ease that burden, our inpatient transition team checks on patients and calls family members with updates on their loved one's condition and the steps Saratoga Hospital is taking to ensure their safety and provide the best possible care. 

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Coordination of Care

Our hospitalists coordinate with the patient’s primary or specialty care physician, making sure the patient’s team of providers is informed and consulted as needed.

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