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Breakthrough cancer care, close to home.

Saratoga Hospital Medical Group – Oncology/Hematology provides advanced diagnostic, treatment, and cancer management services so you can be confident you're receiving the care you need nearby.

Cancer patients can get breakthrough treatments right here at Saratoga Hospital. Our highly skilled, compassionate oncology/hematology team focuses on preventing and treating cancers and blood disorders, such as carcinoma, sarcoma, melanoma, lymphoma and leukemia. The team also works closely with our surgeons, radiation oncologists, and other cancer specialists to coordinate all aspects of your care. 

From state-of-the-art screening and diagnostic tools to high-tech minimally invasive procedures to immunotherapy, Saratoga Hospital offers a level of cancer care and expertise typically associated with large medical centers. That means the vast majority of our patients can avoid the added burden of traveling long distances for treatment, often while managing uncomfortable side effects. 

Many of today’s cancer therapies are less toxic, more targeted, and often more effective than those available in the past. Your treatment most likely will include a combination of therapies involving one or more of the specialties below. Treatment decisions will be based on the type of cancer you have and other personal considerations. Learn more about our comprehensive, high-tech cancer treatment program in the Winter 2017-18 issue of Access.

Saratoga Hospital Medical Group – Oncology/Hematology

Saratoga Hospital Medical Group – Oncology/Hematology offers our patients an outstanding team of board-certified physicians employing the most up-to-date equipment and advanced diagnostic techniques. Our cancer physicians completed their training at some of the nation’s most prestigious medical schools. They came to Saratoga to practice in a community where they could make their homes, raise their families, and deliver the type of care they want—and expect—for their loved ones. As members of the community, we offer our patients a more personal, local connection during an otherwise stressful, and often frightening, time.

Our affiliation with Albany Med strengthens Saratoga Hospital’s cancer profile, including a direct link to the Capital Region’s only pediatric cancer center. The relationship enhances access to clinical trials and enables us to continue to attract highly qualified physicians from some of the top cancer programs in our nation. In addition to physicians, our cancer team includes nurses, technicians, oncology nutrition experts, physical and occupational therapists, and other providers. These specialists work closely with surgeons, radiation oncologists, and primary care physicians to help coordinate and manage each patient’s care. All work hand-in-hand to meet your needs as a patient and as an individual.


John Delmonte, Jr., MD“The breadth of experience and level of expertise here is exceptional. Ninety percent of the tumors we see can be treated locally.” 
  – John Delmonte Jr. MD, Medical Director, Oncology/Hematology




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John ,MD
Saratoga Hospital Group John Delmonte, Jr., MD
Edward ,MD
Saratoga Hospital Group Edward Liebers, MD
John ,DO
Saratoga Hospital Group John Mongan, DO
Murtaza ,PA-C
Saratoga Hospital Group Murtaza Singaporewala, PA-C
Xiao ,MD
Saratoga Hospital Group Xiao Su, MD
Cheryl ,NP
Saratoga Hospital Group Cheryl Syta, NP
Jordyn ,PA-C
Saratoga Hospital Group Jordyn Thiem, PA-C
Jean ,PA-C
Saratoga Hospital Group Jean Van Auken, PA-C

We have 2 convenient office locations for our patients to choose from. For location specific information, please click one below.

Saratoga Hospital Medical Group – Oncology / Hematology at Malta
6 Medical Park Drive, Malta, NY 12020
Phone: 518-289-2717
Fax: 518-886-5247


Saratoga Hospital Medical Group – Oncology / Hematology at Malta
Saratoga Hospital Medical Group – Oncology / Hematology
3 Care Lane, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
Phone: 518-226-6000
Fax: 518-226-6001


Saratoga Hospital Medical Group – Oncology / Hematology
Cancer services

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Hematology oncology focuses on preventing and treating cancer and blood disorders, including leukemia, anemias, and bleeding and clotting conditions.

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Radiation oncology involves delivering high doses of radiation to tumors with as little damage as possible to surrounding tissue. Learn more on our radiation oncology here.

Mollie Wilmot Radiation Oncology Center

Interventional oncology offers new targeted, minimally invasive ways to diagnose and treat cancers. This subspecialty of interventional radiology uses image-guided tools to shrink and destroy tumors and deliver radiation or chemotherapy directly to a cancer site. Our interventional oncologists are trained in the latest minimally invasive treatments, including three ablation procedures that can shrink and destroy inoperable tumors. Another procedure uses microscopic beads to deliver precise, lethal doses of radiation directly to tumors in the liver.

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Surgical oncology involves using surgery to remove a tumor or lesion. The type of surgery—open, laparoscopic, or robot-assisted—depends on the size, location, and other traits of your tumor. For breast cancer patients, we offer hidden-scar surgery. This option preserves the nipple, areola, and surrounding tissue, leaving a more natural-looking breast. Your provider will discuss surgical options with you and help decide which is the best for you. 

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Medical oncology includes chemotherapy and other medications that fight cancer. We offer targeted therapy that uses drugs to attack specific cancer cells, and immunotherapy, which taps the body’s own immune system to fight the disease.

Mollie Wilmot Radiation Oncology Center

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Saratoga Hospital recognizes the important role good nutrition plays in cancer prevention, treatment and survivorship. A comprehensive nutrition assessment is available free of charge to every cancer patient receiving active treatment. This service is provided by a Master’s degree-prepared Registered Dietitian. The RD is available as needed to answer questions and address concerns that may arise. Please click here to learn more, call (518) 583-8672 for more information or to schedule an initial appointment.


Our cancer services have been accredited by the Commission on Cancer (CoC) of the American College of Surgeons. The voluntary accreditation demonstrates that Saratoga Hospital meets the highest standards for quality of cancer care.

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