Community of Excellence

Work Well

Saratoga County has a rich economy with Tech Valley, a high technology industry to the south of the county that is quickly becoming a business and workplace destination for future county residents. The industries span from technology & manufacturing to agriculture, healthcare, education and tourism with the five largest employers within Saratoga County encompassing each of those sectors.

Our goal is to:

  • Cultivate workforce development initiatives
  • Nurture financial independence
  • Support transportation access for all 


learn Well

Saratoga County has 13 central school districts, several higher education opportunities with 3 local colleges as well as tec-smart education centers. Graduation rates are among the highest with 95.7% of the population graduating from high school and 41.8% of the population graduating with a bachelor’s degree.

Our goal is to:

Innovate early childhood education and development

  • Enrich high school learning opportunities
  • Promote language and literacy programs  

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live well

Tourism offerings such as hiking, camping, horseracing, dining, entertainment venues and scenic vistas help to round out a robust tourism industry for the county. Saratoga Springs within Saratoga County, boasts to be the “smallest, biggest city” in New York and is known for being an affluent tourist town. Resultantly, the county has a large income inequality ranking #3 in NYS and #28 in the United States out of 3061 counties for income disparity.

Our goal is to:

Foster social cohesion

  • Foster civic participation 
  • Improve perceptions of discrimination and equity
  • Improve access to affordable housing
  • Foster safe neighborhoods

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be well

Healthcare is provided locally by Saratoga Hospital, Saratoga County Public Health, primary care and community based organizations who share the common goal of addressing Social Determinants of Health. Saratoga County has ranked in the top five healthiest counties since the county health rankings inception in 2010 with 88% of the population reported having a healthcare provider.

Our goal is to:

Access to healthcare for everyone

  • Access to a primary care clinician
  • Improve opportunities to practice healthy behaviors
  • Improve access to healthy foods

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