Office of Decedent Affairs

The Office of Decedent Affairs works to ensure that all deaths are handled in a timely, caring, and thorough manner. Our goal is to provide guidance for families who have lost their loved ones at Saratoga Hospital.

When a patient passes away, we will assist families in providing information with regards to their options concerning: 

  • Autopsy
  • Anatomical donation
  • Funeral home arrangements
  • Crematory decisions

Please review the list of frequently asked questions below about loved ones that pass away at Saratoga Hospital
or for decedents that are brought to the autopsy service under medical examiner jurisdiction. 

After the Death of a Loved One

What will happen to my loved one after death?
Your loved one will be transported to the hospital morgue where the funeral home/crematory will arrive to pick them up for transport.

If your loved one is a potential organ/tissue donor, Connect Life will contact the next of kin to discuss procurement.

What do we do now?
After your loved one is transported to the hospital morgue, no access is allowed by family or friends. Viewing should be scheduled with the funeral home or cremation service of your choice at that respective facility.

Contact the funeral home/cremation service chosen to let them know your loved one has died and that the family would like to use their services. This information must be provided by the legal next of kin and they must hear from family before they will take your loved one.
In the event of the funeral home/cremation service being undecided at the time of death, please call The Office of Decedent Affairs. Any personal belongings your loved one may have had during their hospital stay will go to the morgue and funeral home 

If their death falls under coroner's office jurisdiction, the following will apply:
Questions concerning your loved one can be answered during those hours by calling 518-580-2551. Please leave a detailed message and we will contact you to assist.

How do we get a certified copy of a death certificate?
The funeral home/cremation service will receive a death certificate stating the cause of death. The funeral home/cremation service will assist the family with the completion of the death certificate and afterwards will file the death certificate with the appropriate jurisdiction. After processing the death certificate, certified copies are obtained from the appropriate jurisdiction. In most cases, the funeral home/cremation service will order the death certificates you need as a service they provide.

Counseling and Grief Support
Saratoga Hospital chaplains offer support for all faiths and spiritual needs. Services are available 24 hours a day.

For assistance, please call 518 -580-2625 or 518-580-2628.

Financial and Government Resources
Should you find yourself in a situation requiring assistance, financial or otherwise, the following organizations may be able to help. As with most agencies providing assistance, eligibility requirements may vary.

  • Federal Assistance
    • Social Security Administration: 800-772-1213
    • Survivor benefits vary; call to check eligibility
  • Veterans Affairs
    • 1-800-827-1000
    • The deceased must have served in the U.S. Military
    • Survivor benefits vary; call to check eligibility
  • Saratoga County Social Services
    • 518-884-4140

Questions and answers concerning decedents brought to Saratoga Hospital for a Forensic Pathologist Autopsy

Your loved one has been brought to Saratoga Hospital. Please understand that the nursing staff and emergency room personnel may not have any knowledge of deaths that have been reported directly to the coroner's office. 

Questions concerning your loved one can be answered by calling 518-885-5381 ext. 4309. 

To learn more about the Saratoga County Coroner's Office, click here.