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    Feb 21
    Blog: Teaching Food Pantry Expands

    food panty stocked shelvesIt’s well known that proper nutrition is the foundation of health, but for too many in our community, healthy foods are not easily accessible. With this great need in mind, the Hannaford Teaching Food Pantry has expanded at the Saratoga Community Health Center, and renovations are now complete.

    The Hannaford Teaching Food Pantry is supplied with the foods that are both rich in essential nutrients in a variety of forms, so patients and recipients know how to utilize all five food groups in their daily diets. They additionally receive useful educational information about which foods best support wellness, especially in regards to a specific disease or condition, such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

    “We are addressing food insecurity in our community,” says Kathy McNeice, program director, Saratoga Community Health Center. “This is where we can help recipients learn what they are eating, and why they should focus on these foods. While they are here, we can provide foods that are good for the body, such as dried beans, legumes, eggs, tuna, milk, gluten free items, and basic fruits and vegetables. We’re helping them stretch their dollars so they can have access to essential foods for their families.”

    The Hannaford Teaching Food Pantry now occupies its own private space on the second floor, with refrigerators and fresh foods, plus classroom space for nutritionists to provide educational components, with materials in both English and Spanish, such as how to read food labels or understand the relationship between food and certain conditions. The Hannaford Teaching Food Pantry provides a permanent home for the Nutrition Prescription Program, which has shown documented success with participants’ blood pressure and other health indicators. Learn more about all the offerings at Saratoga Community Health Center here.


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