Why Consult a Registered Dietitian?

Our registered dietitians have extensive training—and success—in helping people make lifelong changes for better health. Following are some of the many benefits of scheduling a consultation:
  • All of our registered dietitians are certified by New York State. Many have master’s degrees or advanced credentials in nutrition specialties, such as diabetes education and management.
  • All are experts in developing customized plans to meet your needs and goals. As a result, we consistently receive high scores for customer satisfaction.
  • Your customized plan will be based on science, research, and proven strategies to help ensure your safety and success. Your plan also will include practical options that meet the needs of today’s busy individuals and their families.
  • Our registered dietitians are available to provide lifelong, non-judgmental support and the extra motivation that can make all the difference when challenges arise or the going gets tough.
A physician referral is required and can be faxed to 518-886-5857. Once we receive the referral, we will contact you to schedule an appointment at a time that’s convenient for you. Because many insurance companies cover these services, we encourage you to check with your insurance provider before scheduling a consultation. For more information, go to Nutrition Services or call 518-886-5121.