Gift Shoppe

Toys & Games
For your favorite kid, (or the big brother or big sister of a brand new baby!) we have plenty of choices to delight. Because our merchandise selection and prices vary, please phone the Gift Shoppe and allow our volunteers to help you pick out the perfect gift from our available stock.
  • Cat's Cradle $9.95
  • Lego $21.99
  • Stencil Art $19.99
  • Spiral Draw $19.99
Ordering by Phone
is as Easy as 1—2—3
  1. Browse our selection, and choose a gift to brighten someone's day
  2. Place your order by calling 518-580-2610
  3. Your gift will be delivered as soon as possible, Monday- Friday, no charge, with a smile!
*Phone orders are accepted during our regular weekday hours, Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 7 PM.