Saratoga Hospital
Saratoga Hospital
211 Church Street, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Saratoga Hospital is the anchor of our health system and the only acute care facility in Saratoga County. We provide everything you’d expect from a hospital—emergency, inpatient, and outpatient care—all delivered with the utmost skill and compassion. Printable Directions  

Lab specimen collection & drop off: 
Monday - Friday: 
 7 AM - 8 PM
7 AM - 1 PM

Phone:   518-583-8440
Fax:   518-693-4543 

Daniel ,PA-C
Daniel Ainsworth, PA-C
Jameel ,PA-C
Jameel Ali, PA-C
Carrie ,PA-C
Carrie Ambrosino, PA-C
Kelly ,NP
Kelly Bailey, NP
June ,RN, MSN, NP-C
June Barber, RN, MSN, NP-C
Betsy ,PA-C
Betsy Becker, PA-C
Joseph ,MD, FACS
Joseph Bell, MD, FACS
Jason Edward ,MD
Jason Edward Bernad, MD
Robert ,PA-C
Robert Bielawa, PA-C
Colette ,NP
Colette Blackington, NP
Ioliene ,MD
Ioliene Boenau, MD
Donna ,PA-C
Donna Boss, PA-C
Claudianus ,NP
Claudianus Bourne, NP
Sean ,MD
Sean Boyle, MD
Jenny ,FNP
Jenny Brandt, FNP
Enrico ,MD
Enrico Bravo, MD
Timothy ,MD
Timothy Brooks, MD
Christine ,NP
Christine Calistri, NP
James ,MS, NP-C
James Caracci, MS, NP-C
Jennifer ,PA-C
Jennifer Case, PA-C
Thomas ,MD
Thomas Castaneda, MD
Blair ,PA-C
Blair Ciccarelli, PA-C
Steven ,PA-C
Steven Clark, PA-C
Jamie ,PA-C
Jamie Coletti, PA-C
James ,MD
James Corwin, MD
Mark ,PA-C
Mark Costello, PA-C
Anthony ,MD, PhD
Anthony Cutry, MD, PhD
Catherine ,MD
Catherine Dawson, MD
Paul ,MD
Paul Dittes, MD
Stanley ,MD
Stanley Docyk, MD
Riane ,PA-C
Riane Dodge, PA-C
Danielle ,PA-C
Danielle Dolhenty, PA-C
Robert ,MD
Robert Donnarumma, MD
Kevin ,MD
Kevin Dooley, MD
Todd ,DO
Todd Duthaler, DO
Young ,NP
Young Elinskas, NP
Fallon ,PA-C
Fallon Etkin, PA-C
Christopher ,PA-C
Christopher Evans, PA-C
Pedro ,MD
Pedro Ferrando-Ross, MD
Peter ,MD
Peter Ferrera, MD
Stacey ,NP
Stacey Flenory, NP
Catherine ,FNP
Catherine Frazier, FNP
Michelle ,PA-C
Michelle Frollo, PA-C
Christina ,NP
Christina Georgia, NP
Iris Gonzalo-Sowle, MS, FNP-BC, RN-BC, ONC
Laurie ,DO
Laurie Gorgas, DO
Nicole ,PA-C
Nicole Havill, PA-C
J. Robert ,MD
J. Robert Hayes, Jr., MD
Rebecca ,FNP
Rebecca Hegel, FNP
Lily ,PA-C
Lily Herout, PA-C
Thomas ,DO
Thomas Isenovski, DO
Humaira ,MD
Humaira Jami, MD
Daniel ,PA-C
Daniel Janssen, PA-C
Andrew ,PA-C
Andrew Kearney, PA-C
Randall ,MD
Randall Kimball II, MD
Yulia ,NP
Yulia Kirkpatrick, NP
Kendra ,FNP-BC
Kendra Kline, FNP-BC
John ,MD
John Koella, MD
Bryan ,MD
Bryan Kurtz, MD
Richard ,MD
Richard Lagace, MD
Rebeka ,PA-C
Rebeka Lange, PA-C
Jennifer ,PA-C
Jennifer Lauricella, PA-C
Arlene ,NP
Arlene Law, NP
Katelynn ,PA-C
Katelynn Leavey, PA-C
Sergio ,MD
Sergio Lema, MD
Veronica ,PA-C
Veronica Lema, PA-C
Adam ,PA-C
Adam Lloyd, PA-C
Russell ,MD, Ph.D.
Russell Loeber, MD, Ph.D.
Brandon ,PA-C
Brandon Lundgren, PA-C
Heather ,DO
Heather Madigan, DO
Mikhail ,MD
Mikhail Mavashev, MD
Susan ,PMHNP
Susan McDermott, PMHNP
Joanne ,MD
Joanne McDonough, MD
Lauren ,PA-C
Lauren McWhorter, PA-C
Paul ,PA-C
Paul Meier, PA-C
Minday ,PA-C
Minday Mifsud, PA-C
Jean ,ANP
Jean Mischler, ANP
Peter ,MD
Peter Moleski, MD
Kaitlyn ,PA-C
Kaitlyn Montgomery, PA-C
Seana ,PA-C
Seana Mosher, PA-C
Michael ,PA-C
Michael Murphy, PA-C
Laura ,FNP
Laura Newey, FNP
Scott ,MD
Scott Newton, MD
Michael ,PA-C
Michael O'Rourke, PA-C
Stephen ,MD
Stephen Offord, MD
Sarah ,MD
Sarah Paris, MD
Gene ,DO
Gene Pellerin, DO
Stephen ,MD
Stephen Perazzelli, MD
Laureen ,PA-C
Laureen Perry, PA-C
Bert William ,MD
Bert William Pyle, III, MD
Hope ,NP
Hope Raggs, NP
Wendy ,NPP
Wendy Randall, NPP
Suzanne ,DO
Suzanne Rayeski, DO
Dean ,DO
Dean Reali, DO
Timothy ,MD
Timothy Reed, MD
Frederick ,MD, FACS
Frederick Reynolds, MD, FACS
Bradley ,PA-C
Bradley Rice, PA-C
Cathy ,FNP
Cathy Robertson, FNP
Devjit ,MD
Devjit Roy, MD
Meaghan ,NP
Meaghan Sanderson, NP
William ,PA-C
William Schafer, PA-C
Alicia ,PA-C
Alicia Skinner, PA-C
Jacqueline ,DO
Jacqueline Smith, DO
Derek ,MD
Derek Smith, MD
Clara ,DO
Clara Somoza, DO
Ayesha ,MD
Ayesha Sooriabalan, MD
Elizabeth ,FNP-BC
Elizabeth Spooner Dunn, FNP-BC
Sarah ,FNP
Sarah Stacey, FNP
Stefan ,PA-C
Stefan Stefanovich, PA-C
Christopher ,PA-C
Christopher Stephens, PA-C
Christopher ,PA-C
Christopher Szczesniak, PA-C
Colleen ,FNP
Colleen Tillson, FNP
Deanna ,ANP
Deanna Veet, ANP
Stephen ,DO
Stephen Verdini, DO
Maria ,DO
Maria Vivenzio, DO
Jessica ,PA-C
Jessica Wadeson, PA-C
Qiong ,MD, PhD
Qiong Wang, MD, PhD
Timothy ,DO
Timothy Waters, DO
Mark ,MD
Mark Weidner, MD
Nancy ,PA-C
Nancy Werner, PA-C
Jennifer ,DO
Jennifer White, DO
Aaron ,DO
Aaron Willen, DO
James ,MD
James Alexander, MD
James ,MD
James Bai, MD
Jerome ,MD
Jerome Brustein, MD
Christopher ,DO
Christopher Case, DO
Wayne ,MD
Wayne Farnsworth, MD
Philip ,MD
Philip Fear, MD
Barry ,MD
Barry Goldberg, MD
Neil ,MD
Neil Gupta, MD
David ,MD
David Hindson, MD
Ronald ,MD
Ronald Karo, MD
Kelly-Ann Looby ,MD
Kelly-Ann Looby Kim, MD
David ,MD
David Koren, MD
Kevin ,MD
Kevin Lau, MD
Britton ,MD
Britton Limes, MD
Steven ,MD
Steven Martin, MD
John ,MD
John Mastrangelo, MD
Epifanio ,MD
Epifanio Militar, Jr., MD
Tipu ,MD
Tipu Nazeer, MD
Jared ,MD
Jared Nesbitt, MD
Angelique ,MD
Angelique Olszowka, MD
Ankur ,MD
Ankur Parikh, MD
Janne ,MD
Janne Rand, MD
Stefan ,MD
Stefan Rau, MD
Thomas ,MD
Thomas Reed, MD
Peter ,MD
Peter Saunders, MD
Timothy F. ,MD
Timothy F. Shepard, MD
David ,MD
David Strauss, MD
Haiyang ,MD, PhD
Haiyang Tao, MD, PhD
Neil ,MD
Neil Thayil, MD
Stephen ,MD
Stephen Zink, MD