Celebrating 50 Years of Services

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Congratulations to Cathy Yakush, RN, CNOR, Endoscopy, who is being recognized in July for 50 years of dedicated service here at Saratoga Hospital.  

When asked her secret for such longevity in the workplace, she said, “I learned here from day one to do it the right way the first time, even if it”s harder or more costly. If you have a difficult day, knowing you did a good job that was well done will help you walk out of here and feel proud at the end of your shift.”

Born at Saratoga Hospital, Yakush returned in 1968 at age 21, just out of nursing school to work on-call in surgical services. She worked in the operating room for 28 years, then spent a couple of years working in minor surgery, and has been working in various roles in endoscopy since, including as Charge Nurse. Currently, she handles discharging patients.

Yakush has been recognized by the New York State Nurses Association with a Nursing Excellence Award in her field of endoscopy, and has also been named GI Nurse of the Year. She is nationally certified, and earned her CNOR in medical surgical nursing.

Reflecting back over the last five decades, Yakush said, “I think I made a difference here. I enjoy helping patients. I am proud of my work setting up the call system in endoscopy, which was a challenge, but I did it!”

That can-do attitude comes from her genes, which are rooted in public service. Her father was Fire Chief in Saratoga Springs back in the day, and her uncle was Chief of Police. Her father fought in the 1965 fire here at the Hospital, and her mother volunteered in the Saratoga Hospital Volunteer Guild. You can also find Yakush volunteering for the Hospital”s summer Gala every year.

Yakush has no plans to retire just yet, saying she is really happy in her department and giving great credit to her director and coworkers for bringing the department into the 21st century. “I have a really great ”˜hands-on” director, Heidi Kelley, BSN, RN, and clinical coordinator Amanda Billings, BS, RN. We have a well-run, happy unit here. That”s why I have no plan to retire just yet,”  she said.