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Shaping our hospital and community, one person at a time

By now, you've probably learned that Amy Raimo, the leader of Saratoga Hospital Foundation, lost her life in a tragic accident June 30. Officially, Amy was our vice president of community engagement and executive director of the Foundation. But those titles don”t begin to describe who she was or the enormous impact she had on this hospital and this community.

Amy radiated energy, purpose, and optimism. When she believed in something, there was no stopping her. She believed in Saratoga Hospital, and she loved the people and community we serve.

Her death is both a devastating loss and a reminder that one person can, indeed, make a difference.

It”s easy to lose sight of that when we”re focused on the demands of everyday life. It”s also important to take a moment, when we can, to look at those around us and realize how our friends, family, and colleagues are helping to make the world a better place.

I make no secret of the fact that I believe there is something special about Saratoga Hospital, our employees, and our community. At every level of our organization and every location, our team members are focused on providing the best possible care and service for our patients.

As our many accreditations attest, in department after department, our staff members consistently set and achieve the highest standards of quality. Across our organization, and with our affiliates at Albany Med and Columbia Memorial Health, Saratoga Hospital team members are continually seeking new ways to serve you better and enhance the level of care we provide.

Our volunteers in the Volunteer Guild, the Flower and Fruit Mission, and on our Foundation committees give their all to support our efforts. And our donors consistently come through for us, whether we”re building a community health center to meet the needs of the underserved or a state-of-the art surgical pavilion to meet the needs of everyone.

As individuals and together, all of you are shaping our hospital and our community for the better. And it is an honor to serve you and work with you.

Thank you,


Angelo G. Calbone

President & CEO