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Wilton Medical Arts exterior

Wilton Medical Arts
With two decades of success and steady growth, Saratoga Hospital”s Wilton Medical Arts facility has become the anchor of a full medical campus, home to 278 employees, with a culture that is still very much patient-centered.

Mildred Aviles

Mildred Aviles, Director of Medical Imaging 

“We’ve had great support from the Hospital when it comes to technology, which has kept us above the curve in the imaging world. Having a full complement of imaging to support an urgent care is not the norm. Patients have access to general and breast ultrasoundmammogramMRICT scansgeneral X-ray, echocardiogram, and DEXA, which measures bone density. We have a mobile PET scan here three days a week, and in an effort to meet the growing demands of our community, we will be adding a fifth ultrasound machine by the end of July.

“It’s important for people to know about our lung cancer screening program at Wilton. It’s one of a handful in the nation that is designated as a Screening Center of Excellence by the Lung Cancer Alliance. Before, lung cancer was diagnosed in the late stages of the disease, but now we’re able to diagnose early, and an early diagnosis saves lives. We will screen more than 800 patients in 2018.

“I am also quite proud of our women’s imaging. We have created this superior team to take care of women and their breast health needs. Between imaging and women’s imaging, we perform about 58,000 exams a year in Wilton.

“We have passionate people in imaging that share a caring philosophy, and you can’t create that. If your employees are happy, the patients will see that. I think that’s, in large part, why Wilton Medical Arts has been so successful. ”

Brenda Jones

Brenda People Jones, MS, FNP, CPAN, CAPA, director

“The Saratoga Surgery Center, which opened in April 2004, provides state-of-the-art, same-day surgery services. I have oversight of the facility management, making sure everything runs safely and efficiently. Over the 12 years since I have been here, the Surgery Center has really grown. From a quiet beginning, we now have 60 employees handling over 8,000 cases a year, handling orthopedic, breast, ophthalmic, pediatric dentistry and a comprehensive range of minimally-invasive surgeries.

“We have surgical and anesthesia technologists, medical imaging technologists, patient care assistants, and we have our own central sterile processing on site with dedicated staff, as well as on-site pre-procedure testing. We have a skilled nursing staff, easing the transition for patients from surgery to home, making sure the patient understands their care instructions. Our patient-satisfaction scores are always high, identifying our latest technology, cleanliness, and our team’s consistent delivery of friendly, quality care.

“I am especially proud of the level of expertise on our team. Several nurses are certified in ambulatory care or peri-anesthesia. The nurses here are just good like that – caring enough to take those extra classes so they can be on the leading-edge in their field. Really, everyone on our team is committed to personal excellence, which gives our patients confidence that they are in good hands.”

Lisa Wolf

Lisa Wolf, PA-C, Saratoga Center for Breast Care

“The Center for Breast Care, which opened in May 2016, offers a very personalized approach to patient care. It takes a village getting from diagnosis to surgery, and then through survivorship. We have an amazing team. The coordination between breast surgery, plastic surgery, medical oncology, and radiation oncology is seamless—they work so closely together.

Dr. Patricia Kennedy really is the best thing to have happened for our patients. Her compassion, skill, and patient-centric approach has allowed for the development of a very special program at The Center for Breast Care. And our Breast Nurse Navigator, Rebecca Denofer, helps cancer patients understand their treatments and evaluates for any impediments to care, such as lack of transportation or financial concerns. She even connects patients with a social worker, if necessary.

“There are many different pieces in managing breast cancer. Our team helps patients not to worry about ‘what do I do next?’ My role is to help a patient after completion of their breast cancer treatment through survivorship. That transition can be physically and emotionally difficult. I feel very fulfilled when I can educate my patients and put them at ease. I partner with them to help streamline their journey. We have a plan—and that helps patients feel less anxious when they have confidence that you’re going to take care of them.”

Mark Levenson

Mark Levenson, MD, Saratoga Hospital Medical Group – Ear and Sinus Surgery

Ear and Sinus Surgery offers services for adult and pediatric patients. When I was invited by Saratoga Hospital to establish the practice 15 years ago, I was committed to bringing a world-class level of ear and sinus surgery to the area.

“The Hospital has been incredibly supportive in providing the elements needed to build and sustain such a practice offering the highest level of care, with investments in nursing support, instrumentation and state-of-the-art equipment. I am proud of our success here. We have a new image-guided navigational sinus surgery system, making surgery safer and more complete. We regularly perform complex ear and sinus surgeries and will now be able to provide a wider range of pediatric and adult surgical care in areas such as tonsillectomies, thyroid surgery, head and neck, and salivary gland surgeries. 

“We are fortunate to have two exceptionally-trained and highly experienced ENT (ear, nose, and throat) physicians who have joined us. Dr. Ramez Awwad and Dr. Peter Van der Riet bring a significant level of expertise in areas that expand our services, including the latest in minimally invasive procedures and proficiency in areas such as obstructive sleep apnea, pediatric conditions, and head and neck cancers.”

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