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Keeping you healthy is an important part of our mission.

We have numerous programs and services designed to make that happen. Also, check out our Health and Fitness Gym. It”s outfitted with a full range of exercise equipment and has expert staff on hand to answer questions and help you set and achieve your goals.

Community Education

Community EducationSaratoga Hospital offers community education, screening programs, and support groups designed to keep our community informed and healthy. Most are provided free of charge. Registration is easy with just a click or a call!


Opioid Education & Resources

Opioid use, even as prescribed, has risks.  Proper planning, awareness, management and disposal of prescription medication can help minimize risks, not only for those prescribed them but also those around them.

Opioid Education & Resources  


NutritionWe offer comprehensive Nutrition Services to help you lay the foundation for a lifetime of healthy food choices. Our registered dietitians are available to work with you, one on one, to develop a personalized nutrition plan.

Nutrition Services Dietitians



Screenings are tests that look for diseases before the symptoms appear. Getting screened for high blood pressure, cholesterol, colon cancer, prostate cancer, and diabetes could make a big difference in catching problems early. An ounce of prevention can really pay off.

The Diagnostic Center Screenings

Childbirth Education

childbirth classHaving a baby? We offer many courses to help ensure that you will have a rewarding birthing experience and a smooth transition into parenthood.

  Childbirth Education

Support Groups

Support Groups

We”ll help you find your way with compassionate support, resources, and tools for you and your loved one. We sponsor 14 support groups, ranging from daily to monthly meetings.

Support Groups

Why Our Doctors Choose Saratoga Hospital

Why Choose Us

We”re the region”s leading provider of comprehensive healthcare services. We offer the most advanced medical technologies and diagnostic procedures, while making sure each patient experiences the human touch.



Our People

We”ve attracted outstanding doctors from around the country and we”re a Magnet Hospital, the highest, most prestigious international distinction for nursing excellence. It”s our people who make the difference.

Physicians   Nurses

Much More

In addition to the services we”ve listed on this page of particular interest to wellness, we offer you a whole lot more. Click to find a complete listing of our diagnostic and testing services, medical specialties and surgical services.