William J. Hickey Women’s Health Services
William J. Hickey Women’s Health Services
211 Church Street, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Each childbirth experience is uniquely memorable, and William J. Hickey Women’s Health Services (Mother/Baby Unit) is dedicated to providing the quality and comfort you need to welcome the newest addition to your family.

To learn more, please visit our Mother/Baby Unit page. 

Eliot ,MD
Eliot Birnbaum, MD
Paula ,FNP
Paula Curro-Casey, FNP
Amos ,MD
Amos Cutler, MD
Kelly ,CNM
Kelly Goldenberg, CNM
Sara ,CNM
Sara Gorham, CNM
Katie ,NNP-BC
Katie Gregg, NNP-BC
Jessica ,MSN, CNM
Jessica Haag, MSN, CNM
Catelyn ,DO
Catelyn Halusic-Smith, DO
Siobhan ,MD
Siobhan Hayden, MD
Jennifer ,MS, CNM
Jennifer Kittell, MS, CNM
Amy ,MD
Amy Knoeller, MD
Anouk ,MD
Anouk Lambers, MD
Jennifer ,MD
Jennifer Lefner, MD
Bernice ,NP
Bernice Moeller-Bloom, NP
Kathleen ,CNM, APRN
Kathleen Murphy, CNM, APRN
Sara ,CNM
Sara Posdzich, CNM
Kim Schoch, CNM, OB/GYN NP
Emily ,MSN, CNM
Emily Scialabba, MSN, CNM
Kristen ,NNP
Kristen Sergott, NNP
Sara ,PA-C
Sara Tse, PA-C
S. Susan ,MD
S. Susan Verleger, MD
Dedra ,MD
Dedra Flynn, MD
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