Sep 27
Provider Spotlight: Dr. Amos Cutler

Welcome to our Provider Spotlight feature, which gives you an opportunity to get to know one of our skilled providers each month as they share some friendly details about themselves.  

Amos Cutler, MD, is vice chair of the department of OB/GYN at Saratoga Hospital, practicing at Saratoga OB/GYN at Myrtle Street. Dr. Cutler and his family moved to the area in 2003, when he began practicing at Myrtle Street Obstetrics & Gynecology, P.C. In 2018, he and his colleagues joined Saratoga Hospital Medical Group – OB/GYN, working in the same location under its current name, Saratoga OB/GYN at Myrtle Street. Dr. Cutler and his wife have two children, a 15-year-old son and an 18-year-old daughter who has started her freshman year of college. 

Q.  Why did you choose to specialize in obstetrics? 
A.  I was inspired by the stories of my great-grandfather, an ophthalmologist practicing in Cairo, Egypt. He was a good man, taking on pro bono work whenever he could. I am sorry I never had the chance to get to know him. 

I grew up in Israel and moved to Memphis, TN, at 14 years old, where my mother had taken on postdoctoral work in computer science. I had my great-grandfather in mind when I went to my high school counselor and announced I intended to go to medical school. The advisor didn’t believe I would succeed, given my broken English at the time, but I was confident. 

I loved medical school and enjoyed my rotations – I had definitely made the right decision. It was during my obstetrics rotation that I found my path. It is a real privilege to be involved in such a special moment in someone’s life. Now, after being in the area 16 years, I see children I delivered, out in the community, growing up before my eyes. That’s what is so good about OB/GYN. You build relationships over the long term. You really can make a difference.  

Q.  What are some of the benefits you’ve seen now that you’ve joined Saratoga Hospital Medical Group? 
A.  As a member, I have greater access to the other specialty practitioners and primary care providers of my patients. We have closer communication, can share best practices, and I really appreciate the administrative and operational efficiencies this has created. Before, we were all so busy—I would be running between rooms, or cancelling and rescheduling appointments, but now, it is much easier to spend time with my patients. 

Another great benefit is our practice’s greater degree of collaboration with the Saratoga Hospital Medical Group Midwifery and Women’s Health Services practice that’s located in Wilton. The patient feedback has been great, and the midwives are so wonderful. Together, we’re slowing labor, reducing intervention, and combining our strengths and compassion to help make childbirth a truly special experience for each patient and their family. 

Q.  What is the personal or professional philosophy that most guides your work?
A.  I think listening is just as important as treating the patient. I don’t rush them through a visit. I ask them what they are thinking, what they have already experienced, and listen to their point of view. I also treat the person as a whole. I ask what’s going on in their lives, how their kids are doing, how’s work, when’s their next vacation? This kind of communication, done with respect, is how you solve problems, develop different treatment options, and build a trusting relationship with patients.

For example, we recently had a patient whose husband is serving in the military. For her C-section, we arranged for him to be there during delivery through FaceTime. She was missing her husband and he wanted to be there. We heard that, and we did what we could. This is one of the many ways that all of us here at Saratoga OB/GYN try to do our best for our patients.   

Q.  What might patients be surprised to learn about you?  
A.  I like to sing, mostly just for myself, but a couple of years ago, our department chair, Dr. Eliot Birnbaum, and I actually sang as the “Postpartum Blues Brothers” at our office Christmas party. We had such a great time. I like to sing rock from the 80s, such as Queen, Elton John, and Billy Joel, as well as Israeli songs from the 60s and 70s. I’m also an avid cycler, and my wife has gotten me into yoga. I’m not very good at it, but we enjoy doing it together. I like stretching, and it’s so relaxing. 

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