Sep 11
Julie Whaley MLS(ASCP)cm, Lead Clinical Laboratory Technologist

Julie Whaley in lab settingJulie Whaley MLS(ASCP)cm, a native of Saratoga Springs, joined Saratoga Hospital in the summer of 2011. She is the Lead Clinical Laboratory Technologist in the Blood Bank unit of Saratoga Hospital’s Laboratory Services.

When a patient’s blood is drawn, clinical laboratory technologists like Julie evaluate it to help diagnose or monitor disease. In Hematology, these results help assess patients with various blood-related diseases, including anemia, leukemia, and bleeding disorders. If these results are abnormal, our Blood Bank then tests patient blood types and conducts antibody screens to help match them with compatible donor blood products for transfusion.

Prior to her Lead role in the Blood Bank, Julie served as the laboratory’s Education Coordinator, where she managed our Laboratory's employee competency program.

“It is our responsibility to stay current with new laboratory practices and regulations,” says Julie, “as our field is constantly changing. Our continual educational competencies ensure that we are proficient in the most recent standards of producing accurate laboratory results.”

Julie enjoys her work, and says her coworkers are a large part of what makes Saratoga Hospital special.

“I can always rely on my coworkers to be flexible, adapt, and work together cohesively to provide the highest quality patient results,” she says. “I also think the Hospital does a good job when it comes to employee recognition. I feel valued and respected by my peers and leadership.”

Julie and her husband—also a Saratoga Springs native—returned here to raise a family. Julie loves everything about being a mom to their two young children, from dance parties to lightsaber duels. She also enjoys reading, cooking, or going on a hike. Julie is one of many compassionate, skilled professionals here at Saratoga Hospital.

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